Carplay/ Android Auto

What is Carplay/ Android Auto

Carplay was available on certain iphones (iphone 5 and newer). It allows Carplay compatible Apps to display on the screen such as Apple and google maps as well as most music apps. A full list of compatible apps are listed on This feature is helpful when you don’t have factory navigation and use your phone instead.

Android Auto is similar. Download the Android Auto app on your compatible phone and certain phone features can be accessed from the screen including phone mapping. More info can be found on



Compatible Systems



Your vehicle must currently have the 8″ touch screen to be compatible. (NOT compatible with RPO code IO3, or IOB). If your not sure which system you have now, just email us your VIN before purchasing. We will look up your vehicle to be sure it’s compatible.






Chevy… 2014-2015 Impala, 2015 Tahoe, 2015 Suburban, 2015 Colorado, 2014 Silverado 1500 only, 2015 Silverado.
GMC… 2015 Canyon, 2014 Sierra 1500 only, 2015 Sierra all, 2015 Yukon,
Cadillac… 2014-2015 ATS, 2014-2015 CTS, 2014-2015 XTS, 2015 Escalade.
Buick… 2014-2015 Regal, 2014-2015 Lacrosse.




We Can also Add Carplay/ Android Auto to 2016 Vehicles with the RPO cope (CPO) which was the $200 credit for the deletion of Carplay do to supply issues at the time. A vehicle with this setup just needs an 2016+ 2.5 HMI to add the feature.


2014 -15 Vehicle require a 2016+ Radio module and USB as well as the 2.5 HMI to add the Carplay/ Android Auto feature


Will you have any lost features?


When Adding Carplay/ android Auto you may some certain features may change or be lost.

 Audio related steering wheel controls MAY NOT work while using Android Auto or Carplay when using in a 2014-15 vehicle. This is because you do not have a 2016+ Cluster. Sorry , but we do not sell or program the clusters.

If currently equipped the time shift audio recording and icon themes will no longer available.

If you don’t currently have a rear camera you will see an error message when in reverse. 

The USB SD card reader will no longer be available.





Other things to note

No core exchange necessary, you can keep your old module.

The vehicle will not start without the HMI module installed. Do not let the dealer reprogram this HMI module.